Biography :: WH Justice - The Champion Maker



An Icon of Arabian Beauty 

by Beth Ellen Hunziker, September 2011, Arabian Stallions of the World VI

The first time I saw him, I was looking through the pages of an Arabian horse magazine. I stopped. Was this image real? Had it been digitally enhanced? I did not know the answers and I did not care. All I knew was this was the most beautiful Arabian horse I had ever seen and just to look at him gave me an indescribable feeling of joy. As I studied his image, I felt a thread wind around my heart and I became connected to this divine creature. I do not use the word divine lightly; it is with reverence because only the Divine could create a creature this wonderful. His name is WH Justice...

WH Justice Book

by Elisa Grassi, November 2011

May 16th, 1999. If we want to believe in the legend of the bloody shouldered mare, that was the moment, once in a great while, when a mare of exceptional courage, beauty and quality foals graced by God with the bloody shoulder. That was the day that would have seen the beginning of a new area. That was the day WH Justice was born...

by Samantha Mattocks, November 2011, The Arabian Magazine

It would be very difficult to have missed the impact that WH Justice has had on the Arabian horse breed in recent years. At just 12 years old, WH Justice has become a worldwide phenomenon and, in September this year, he made a triumphant return to the All Nations’ Cup show-ring, where he was garlanded in gold by the judges and given a standing ovation by the audience. While Sunday 25 September 2011 may have been a day of Justice, this incredible stallion’s reach goes much further than that show-ring in Aachen.

Will new diamonds shine? Polish offspring of Wh Justice

by Rafal Czarnecki, January 2012,

A round of applause, shouting and whistling began even before he showed up on the All Nations Cup arena in Aachen. The stallion marked with the “Mahomet touch” trotted with a high flagged tail and beautifully arched neck, causing a burst of euphoria. The total score of 93 points, which included as many as thirteen “20s”, brought the public to their feet. Several hours later the stallion claimed the title of Senior Champion Stallion. That’s how the slogan of “The Return of a King” became true. WH Justice, after a several year break, strongly marked his repeated presence on the show arena...

Justice-mania - the 29th All Nations Cup in Aachen

by Rafal Czarnecki, September 2011,

The All Nations Cup which took place at the end of September in Aachen is one of the most prestigious events of the show season. It is the first stop on the star route before the upcoming European, US and World Championships. It is here that trends are set, trends which will later be followed in the breeding of show horses. And this year will definitely belong to horses gifted with Arabian type! The confirmation of this thesis is the victory of a living legend of world show horse breeding, the stallion WH Justice in the Senior Stallion Championship...