Offspring 2010

Dominga El Justice
(WH Justice × Pandora El Jamaal by Ali Jamaal)
2010 Mare Black

Bred & owned by La Movida Arabians / AT

Vision Of Justice
(WH Justice × Exquisite Dream by Magic Dream)
2010 Mare Grey

Bred by Lank & Lisa Havice / USA
Owned by Al Muawd Stud / KSA

(WH Justice × Evita N by El Amin)
2010 Mare Bay

Bred by G. Noel / BE
Owned by The Royal Cavalry / OMAN

Some of her best show results:
- Belgian National Silver Medal Filly, Libramont / BE 2011

Aja Justafire
(WH Justice × Aja First Love by FS Bengali)
2010 Stallion Grey

Bred & owned by Aja Arabians / UK

Some of his best show results:
- British National Silver Medal Colt, Malvern / UK 2013

Mystica Antasia
(WH Justice × LL Albufera by Bey Shahdow TGS)
2010 Mare Bay

Bred by Mystica Arabians / AUS
Owned by Atyab Stud / KW

Special Alba
(WH Justice × LC Special Treat by Padrons Psyche)
2010 Mare Grey

Bred by Kerstine Dolfe / SE
Owned by Albaydaa Stud / EG & Al Mai Stud / KW

Jewel Of Malakat
(WH Justice × KZ Malakat Al Lail by KZ Alone)
2010 Mare Grey

Bred & owned by Jacob Zirinski / IL

Rohara Extrem Justice
(WH Justice × Van Alyssa by Don El Chall)
2010 Stallion Grey

Bred by Rohara Arabians / USA
Owned by Extreme Justice Partners / USA

CA Leena
(WH Justice × CA Zaspa by LM Polaris)
2010 Mare Grey

Bred by Calbar Arabians / DK
Owned by Al-Mudhafrah Arabians / KW

Some of her best show result:
- Danish National Gold Medal Mare & Best in Show, Middelfart / DK 2014
- Danish National Gold Medal Filly & Best in Show, Middelfart / DK 2011

MM Estefania
(WH Justice × Esfera by Fame VF)
2010 Mare Grey

Bred by Mario Matt Arabians / AT
Owned by Al Shiraa Arabians / UAE